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The Tao is a personal journey into oneself from within and without. This is my understanding of the philosophy stated by Lao Tzu and other Daoists like Lieh Tzu, Chuang Tzu...


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Saturday, December 30, 2006

What I plan to do...

I wanted to discuss a verse every month and then spend the rest of the month elaborating on it and comparing it with other streams of philosophies and so on. Unfortunately, Blogger does not allow me to specify dates beyond 2006 (I required dates upto 2011 so that I could write in reverse chronology). So I shall regularly change dates on the posts although most of them should be completed in a span of a year or two.

I have no disclaimer to present. This blog contains my views. A view is but a whiff of hot ccocoa from a chocolat and isn't the brewing chocolate itself. I can present my view about Mount Fujyama, but that cannot be the mountain itself.
I could present to you more than a view. I or another troubled soul might claim that what I write is the exact representation of the Tao, but claims are merely views presented verbally. What is contained here is my understanding which has come to me, for I strongly believe that knowledge, understanding and wisdom choose their vassals. And I thought I had no disclaimer to present!

I would urge readers to read these posts with an open mind. I do not ask you to agree with what I say. I request you not to compare it with what you have already learnt or what you already follow. Its not whether I am right or wrong that matters, but whether these posts gave you a new experience or at least make you meditate.

I set forth on this journey with least expectation. Frankly, I am clueless as to where this will lead me.

The Tao has appealed to me like none other has. Most of my questions since childhood remained unanswered by popular religions. Then I stopped putting them to religions and put them to people who were older than me. I realised I would be better off not disturbing them. I never found another soul amongst my peers who was interested in discussing the import of life. Soliloquy offered me my much sought after companion, guide and devil.

The following sites are of use to those who want other sources of information regarding the Tao:
2. Daily Tao
3. Tao Te Ching at BigView
4. Dao De Jing

I will mostly be using the previous link in generating the translation of a verse. Every verse (I hope) will start with a character by character translation of a verse, folowed by a short summary of the verse ending in an interpretation of the same (with sporadic incidents of interpolation). A lot can be learnt from the works on the page.

May this journey bring to you what is meant to be with you...


Blogger Meera said...

Interesting beginning. Looking forward to subsequent posts. Scratch on! :-)

12:34 PM  
Blogger Vaibhav said...

Hi! Found your comment on my blog! I am Vaibhav from Bangalore.
This looks like an interesting idea. I'd definitely like to participate.

2:00 AM  
Blogger Eroteme said...

Hi Vaibhav,
I have heard a good amount about you from Meera. Welcome to my blog...
I am not totally surprised that you picked this blog of mine!
Participate in what sense? Let me know what you are thinking about and maybe we can do something together...

3:02 AM  
Blogger penuryof thought said...

Hi, I found your comment on my blog and checked out yours. Except for the Tao of Physics which I read some years ago, I am unfamiliar with Tao as a concept. But looks like you are planning something! Good luck.

One thing I did notice, we share similar tastes in books and movies:-)

3:49 AM  
Blogger The TAAMommy said...


I happened to be on your tao site and it had piqued my curiosity. Since then, have been reading a lot at Very interesting. Thanks for introducing The Tao

10:24 AM  

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